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Welcome to Atlas Chiropractic & Body Balance in Nanaimo

Atlas Chiropractic and Body Balance is one of Nanaimo’s foremost, comprehensive centers for improving the condition of the human body using safe, drug-free, and non-surgical methods. We offer Nanaimo chiropractic treatment, shockwave therapy, registered massage therapy, an ICBC chiropractic treatment program and deep tissue laser therapy to combat many types of chronic and systemic disorders.

Nanaimo chiropractor quick appointment form
Nanaimo chiropractor quick appointment form
Nanaimo chiropractor quick appointment form

What sets our office apart from many others in Nanaimo is that we view the body from a holistic standpoint: we examine your health history; assess your lifestyle habits, evaluate your fitness level, and look for systemic deficiencies that may be contributing to the problem. Once an accurate profile of your health status is obtained, we'll utilize all available resources to resolve the issue. Our office also provides Nanaimo orthotics as part of our patient services.

As a patient, you will benefit from our combined experience and sincere compassion to help as many people as possible look and feel their absolute best.

Is pain interfering with your life? Having difficulty keeping up with the physical demands of your job, or engaging in your favourite activity due to back, neck or extremity pain? Many of our patients have experienced very positive results from upper cervical chiropractic under the care of Dr. Barry Whyte DC. Read some of our Nanaimo chiropractic testimonials and then call us to book your first consultation appointment. Make Atlas Chiropractic and Body Balance in Nanaimo your first call at 250-585-6325 (NECK).

Dr Barry Whyte - Nanaimo Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Whyte - Nanaimo Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Whyte is a Nanaimo chiropractor who follows a top down approach to healing. After an intensive evaluation, your first adjustment will return your head and neck to its normal position, reducing nerve interference and balancing contracted postural muscles. These first adjustments provide a solid foundation for regaining health. Dr. Barry will work with you to the degree and level you feel comfortable because some patients may require a specific rehabilitation program and additional therapeutic laser treatment or shockwave therapy.

Extensive research and clinical studies show that improved competent chiropractic therapy combined with body balance training effectively reduces stress throughout the body and helps to relieve pain and discomfort.

Dr. Barry Whyte's Nanaimo chiropractic practice focuses on correction of the neck since it affects the balance of the entire body. He also simultaneously provides chiropractic treatment for every area of the body for patients with a wide variety of Nanaimo chiropractic needs.


"We hope to see you soon to help you reach your full potential through the amazing power of chiropractic!  Please take a few minutes to watch the chiropractic introductory video below."