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Posted on 12-09-2017


Why train the abdominal area? It is essential for being a great athlete.  The closer to creating perfect symmetry with strength and function the greater the athletic ability.  The perfect abdominal core trained using this method would mean: increase in running speed, throwing ablities etc.

Are sit-ups BAD?  It depends if your trainer was born in the 1950s.

The latest on the science says YES.  You might be asking. How can I still get the ripped six-pack.? The answer to this is still the same... go on a diet and get your body fat down to 6%.  I've never been there personally.

If the goal is to still train the abdominal area which you should. Here are the greatest and best ideas around this change in training.  These ideas regarding training abdominals expand on a concept of anti-movement training, ANTI-ROTATION, ANTI-FLEXION/EXTENSION and ANTI-LATERAL BENDING.  Wow sounds complicated.  What it means is holding or moving weight while resisting movement to your lumbar spine.  Here are my greatest or best training ideas from Nanaimo Chiropractor.

Anti Flexion/Extension

  1. Push-Ups - Beginner, Full Push-up & Elevated Feet
  2. Planks - Side, Front etc 
  3. Ab Roll-outs - Ab Dolly, Ab Wheel
  4. TRX - Pull, Elevated Feet

Anti Rotation

  1. Bird Dog/Dead Bug
  2. Single Leg Bridges
  3. Single Leg Dead Lifts
  4. Lift Chops/Down Chops (LOVE Cable CHOPS)

Anti Lateral Bending

  1. Farmer Carry
  2. Single Arm Lifts - Dumbell/Kettle Bell
  3. Turkish Get Up

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