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The Ultralign Spinal Treatment System Offers Unprecedented Precision for a Spinal Treatment

Atlas now offers a precision spinal treatment with the Ultralign Spinal Treatment System.  Patients get to experience their first treatment with as little as 10lbs of pressure. 

What is Ultralign Spinal Treatment?

SIGMA Instruments is industry leader that produces both analytic and spinal treatment instruments that combine the traditional with state-of-the-art technology. Medical Doctors, Osteopaths and Chiropractors that offer the ultralign spinal treatment system are able to provide patients with back and neck pain treatment that is fast and effective treatment.

For example, the Ultralign Spinal Treatment Instrument uses NASA aerospace technology to determine —in a completely non-invasive manner— which spinal vertebra are out of alignment. Patients with chronic pain who are afraid of undergoing manual adjustments can have their spinal structure analyzed quickly and professionally.

These tools can deliver single impulse corrective forces or oscillating percussion at up to 12 percussions per second—far more than a typical hand manipulation, and with maybe greater precision.  The Ultralign Instrument reduces local muscle spasms, increases the joint range of motion and reduces PAIN.

 What type of patient may benefit?

A group of new chiropractic patients can now experience chiropractic adjustments.  Computer-controlled treatment allows for greater control of spinal treatment forces. This means the instrument can be gentle enough for some of the more delicate patients such as: kids, elderly, and pain sensitive patients.  In addition the Ultralign Spinal Treatment System has built in tested treatment protocols for certain conditions (including extremity pain).  This allows predictable treatment out comes.

Patients with mobility issues are also now able to receive treatment in a seated posture. No more moving onto and off therapy tables while in pain.

The Ultralign Spinal Treatment System is repeatable.  

Where Can Patients Enjoy The Ultralign?

Atlas has now been offering the Ultralign Spinal Treatment since 2017.  Dr. Barry Whyte now has the ability to treat almost all ages.  




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