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It has been stated in a New Zealand study that it can take up to seven years for chiropractors to fully developed the necessary skills to detect the subtle differences in spinal motion associated with spinal dysfunction (nerve interference). 

Dr. Whyte has has practiced chiropractic for over 14 years and has helped thousands of clients with back and neck pain. He has used over the years a variety of styles and systems to find and correct spinal dysfunction: upper cervical, drop table, manual and instrument adjusting. The one thing that has helped the most amount of clients is being specific with the analysis and delivering a specific chiropractic adjustment.  The Ultralign Spinal Treatment System by Sigma Instruments is specific and results are reproduce able (high degree of inter-examiner reliability)..

Dr. Whyte considers every patient's unique health factors when recommending  a  spinal treatment plan.  Clients all have unique factors that need to be considered such as: spinal curvatures (scoliosis), age (newborn to centenarians), spinal health (arthritis), injuries (plates and screws) and more. The Ultralign Spinal Treatment, is safe for the majority of these clients and conditions.

This developed by N.A.S.A. technology uses specialized software and equipment is able to detect the areas of spinal dysfunction with speed and accuracy.  Dr. Whyte, then confirms the location of the involved spinal vertebrae and placement of the sigma instrument for the correction of spinal dysfunction.  The Ultralign Spinal Treatment also determines the frequency for the adjustment and stops when the vertebrae has been corrected.

We at Atlas are excited to share this advance spinal treatment technology with everyone. .



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