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Dr. Barry Whyte
Your Nanaimo Chiropractor

The following are actual testimonials provided by Nanaimo chiropractic clients of Atlas Chiropractic & Body Balance.

Sent: November 4, 2020 10:33 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Thank You

Hi there,

I came in last minute to see Dr. Barry on Oct. 27th.

I just wanted to reach out and extend my thanks for a successful treatment.

I feel generally better and more comfortable, but the biggest improvement as been in the stability of my right ankle and foot.

He said “let’s send your heel home”, and he did.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my balance and the absence of intermittent pain in that foot, which has been somewhat unreliable since I sprained it late in 2017.

I’m so glad that I was turned away at my appointment at another clinic, and found him on his lunch break, willing to take me in.

Thanks again, I look forward to coming in for another adjustment.

Melissa Laithwaite

back pain

Neck Pain

Severe Low Back Pain


Thank for letting me be your chiropractor and this amazing card.  Your friend is very talented artist! This card was draw by Janet's friend Sue Pyper by pen ink.  I think this might be my mythical raven.


Letter - June 10/17

Dr. Barry Whyte is an excellent chiropractor.  As a senior client, who has a kidney transplant, I was concerned about the intensity of chiropractor.  After several treatments, over six week time span, my body is now flexible and pain free. (And I was in pain)  Dr. Whyte utilized state of the art technology on my neck without any stress or strain.  Dr. Whyte is funny, kind and listens to his patients.  Thanks to all staff and Dr. Barry Whyte.


Brenda Z.


SMOKIN' GEORGE - Owner Smokin' George's BQ Restaurant 

Ryan Saunders - Steve Marshall Ford


Oct. 2017 - I highly recommend Dr Barry Whyte!  I have been a patient for 10 years now and I feel that he is the best!  His office staff is great & I always feel welcomed and taken care of whenever I need anything.  If you're in pain, Dr Whyte is the guy to see.

Brenda Veasey


In one visit with Dr. Barry Whyte, he has straightened both my posture and my life-long belief that I would end my days as a hunched-back elder.  So deep rooted was my fear of irreversible damage, I waited 30 years and shortly after my 60th birthday got the courage to face those fears.

Dr. Whyte came highly recommended and being a practitioner myself, I was cautious and very selective.  I was very apprehensive athe day I entered ATLAS Chiropractic & Body Balance's calming, welcoming clinic.  I put on my best face and hoped my sense of hopelessness (due to the severity of my diagnosis all those years ago) was not written all over it.

Julie, the receptionist, put me at ease immediately with her openness and kindness.

WELL, nothing short of a miracle....after the first treatment with Dr. Barry, I was walking tall and heart to the heavens without effort.  The visit was holistic in the sense that I felt seen as a whole person, mind, body and spirit.  Dr. Barry showed authentic interest in me as a person, in what I was thinking, what I was doing and bringing to life.  I left with the utmost gratitude & respect, and concluded that this is a man of integrity who strives to give back by sharing his gifts and knowledge.

We have established a very short-term, affordable program that I was convinced would take my life savings and years to repair.

Free, free at last...

Mimi L.

Shiatsu Practitioner, Nanaimo, BC

Paul again, not sure if it got posted _Here's a copy:

I have been treated at Atlas Chiropractic on and off for the past few years and have found their attitude professional, friendly and caring.  They listen to me and treat accordingly.  

My first treatment was for an extremely sore lower back and Dr. Whyte managed to reduce the pain to a manageable level after the first treatment.  Along with one more treatment and a few massage appointments I found the problem had disappeared.  

My second appointment for a different reason (May 2017) resulted in immediate relief from a lower back pain that my Doctor had diagnosed as "Bursitis" after ending up in emergency due to receiving a lower back injection for the Bursitis (which emergency said I didn't have) I went to Dr. Whyte for relief.  The pain again was greatly reduce after his treatment and Laser treatment.  I was able to walk normally and actually able to sleep without medication.

I highly recommend both Dr. Whyte and his staff for treatment.

Paul L.

Are chiropractors magicians of modern medicine?

The journey from injury to discovery. 
By Elijah Robinson      | Sports Expert Extraordinaire     | March 31, 2017

When dealing with an injury, often, the first step is to visit the ER or call the family physician. Unfortunately, my family doctor is not placed in the town I live in, and my shoulder problem wasn’t serious enough to visit the hospital.

Instead, I made a visit to the walk-in clinic. After spending a brutal three hours of my day in a compacted room full of sick people and their germs, I met with a doctor that put me through aseries of awkward stretches. By the end, I was left with more questions than answers.

Shortly after, my rugby club’s manager, Drew Cooper, gave me a call and said “go see Barry,”—the team’s chiropractor—“He’ll straighten you out.”

 I was nothing short of skeptical, but my condition had yet to improve, so I decided to book an appointment.

When I made it in, I was put through one stretch, and Dr. Barry Whyte had the conclusion—“a sprained AC joint.”

He started by resetting muscles and bones around the injury, then he continued to realign my ribs, spine, neck and back.

Listening to your own neck pop is unsettling, but the relief is worth the uncertainty.

The theory of chiropractics is that proper alignment of the body’s structure will help the body heal itself, without the requirement of medication or surgery. Chiropractors realign the body by setting specific areas back into place, although it is most common for the back and spine to be treated.

While giving adjustments, Whyte said chiropractics was actually discovered in the late 19th century when a man readjusted the back of another man, curing his deafness in one ear.

According to Dr. Josh Axe from Exodus Health Centre, visits to the chiropractor can treat conditions like sciatica, back and neck pain, head aches, and can even aid in problems relating to blood pressure.

In professional sports, most teams have a chiropractor among their staff. It is thought that under chiropractic care, personal and athletic performance is enhanced.

Athletes benefit from the practice because it boosts the immune system, enhances the pulmonary function, and relieves muscle tension.

When we finished, I didn’t find much progress. My shoulder was taped, and the next appointment was scheduled. Fortunately, my sports team membership cut the majority of the cost, turning a $50 bill to a $10 one.

By the next few appointments, I could already feel my improvement in my shoulder. I began to question how I hadn’t heard about chiropractics and why I kept troubleshooting an injury, and winding up with a silly looking brace.

Because they practice a relatively new form of medicine, chiropractors are often overlooked as legitimate doctors.

“Most doctors think chiropractors just run around cracking stuff,” Whyte said.

The difference in visiting the chiropractor is they work towards comfort and take a personal approach to health and wellness.

On the first visit, they start with paper work. This process is good because it grows the bond between doctor and patient. Once they have an idea of medical history and lifestyle, they can work towards keeping the experience comfortable.

Eventually Barry set me up to see his wife Birgit, a certified class four medical laser therapist.

She set me up in a different room, with a cool set of shades. As she massaged my shoulder with the gun-like laser, she said “it reduces pain and inflammation and provides immediate relief.”

“You peak around the fourth or fifth therapy treatment” Whyte said as we continued the laser therapy. “If we aren’t seeing any results, we can try shock wave therapy,” which she said to be “less comfortable, although highly effective for serious injuries.”

I left Atlas Chiropractic feeling satisfied. Since my first adjustment, I have gained a new respect for the practice, as well as knowledge on what problems chiropractors can solve.

-Eli Robinson

 3/3/17 - Hello, I have submitted this review on RateMDs. Karen Hogan I suffered for years with neck and shoulder pain. I attended physio and massage at different times in the past and although both were helpful in their own ways, I found the most relief after seeing Dr. Whyte. Right from my first visit, I felt some relief from my pain and over a period two months, the results have been life changing. Prior to seeing Dr. Whyte, a good nights sleep was rare, even with medication. My pain and lack of mobility prohibited me from fully participating in the activities I enjoyed; however, I am now an active and happy participant. My family physician recommended Dr. Whyte and I also spread the word of his excellent chiropractic work. I am thankful for Dr. Whyte and his wonderful staff.

3/2/17 - Please use this testimonial as you see fit : I am very pleased with the results I am experiencing following my visits to see Dr. Barry Whyte. After suffering from a broken fibula 7 years ago, I am finally feeling some relief from the foot pain that never ever seemed to go away. Finally a window of opportunity has opened and I can begin to get my life and the lifestyle back on track. The biggest THANK YOU to Barry and his staff.

Leo Vallee

I am a competitive tennis player and have been treated by Birgit for Laser Therapy to help my shoulder pain. The Laser Therapy treatments did wonders for me. I have so much more mobility and no more pain. Even after a three hour tennis session! In three months I will be heading to New Zealand for the World Masters Games and am so thankful to Brigit Whyte at Atlas Chiropractic for her valuable knowledge and expertise. 

- Darlene Dorman 

I injured my neck while snowboarding 10 years ago. After many tests and trying several kinds of treatments (including methods deployed by 4 different Nanaimo chiropractors) I visited Dr. Barry Whyte. Through his chiropractic training, and dedicated approach, he conducted a comprehensive evaluation of my muscles and skeleton. This included detailed measurements and calculations using high resolution X-rays. He was able to properly diagnose my neck problems that had for the most part been previously overlooked. He performed a number of chiropractic rehabilitation treatments and tested results, including using X-rays to measure progress. In short order my health improved considerably. Although I do not feel I may ever be fully recovered from my injury, Barry’s care has made a world of difference to my life.

Barry takes the time to conduct a top-down holistic approach for each visit by conducting detailed testing, releasing muscle tension, making adjustments, testing adjustment results, checking self improvement progress, providing ongoing remedial exercises and demonstrating chiropractic techniques for maximum effectiveness. He is continually working towards self improvement by staying on top of technological advancements and applying new approaches to his Nanaimo chiropractic practice as they evolve.

Barry is a credit to his occupation and I highly recommend him to others who are searching for that professional who puts patient health and well being at the forefront of his chiropractic practice.

Randy Dolighan

I am writing this letter to say how good I feel since seeing Dr. Whyte.  I am a woman in my early 70's and had a pulled muscle in my neck and shoulder.  I must say that Dr. Whyte was recommended by a good friend of mine who has seen Dr. Whyte many times and has nothing but good to say about him.  I have seen the doctor several times and I feel so much better.  Not only is he good at his job,  he is a very caring person, and sympathetic to his patients needs.  I definitely would recommend Dr. Whyte to any one who needs a good chiropractor.
Doris Rumsby

After developing shingles, while talking to the staff at Atlas I learned that laser therapy could be helpful, as I wanted to decrease my pain and lessens the likely hood of permanent nerve damage I tried a session out for free. The results were amazing. I received six treatments over two weeks, not only was the pain gone but all the other symptoms of my shingles gone as well. Birgit was very gentle and made me feel very relaxed. I definitely recommend those who have developed shingles to try laser therapy right away to help alleviate and shorten the life of this painful virus.
I have been having regular massage appointments with the R.M.T at Atlas Chiropractic and I think she is wonderful. Not only are the hours more flexible for work professionals but her knowledge of massage techniques is vast, she has a great table side manner and I have completely relaxed and after. I would get regular sore neck and upper back and I find that with regular massage with her the bouts of pain are gone, it has also helped dramatically with my tension and stress levels.

Stacey Cutting

I met Barry Whyte for chiropractic treatment in Nanaimo when I was at the lowest point in my life. I was suffering a double herniated disc in L4 combined with arthritis in my hips. When I first arrived at his Nanaimo chiropractic office I couldn't stand straight or walk farther than where my car was parked. Sleeping at night consisted of lying on the floor with my legs on a chair. My career was on hold because I was unable to work more than 15 minutes. My general practitioner was prescribing different drugs that did nothing for me other than add constipation to the list of challenges. The doctor also recommended and scheduled disectomy surgery. Barry saved me. He did this with a logical series of chiropractic treatments combined with a grouping of daily core exercises and calm caring advice. Today I can sit, stand, walk, sleep and work again. I avoided surgery and take no drugs. I continue with the core exercises every day. Words can't express the thanks and gratitude I feel toward both Barry and the Nanaimo chiropractic staff at Atlas Chiropractic and Body Balance. Thank you all.

Greg Holman

When I first came to see Dr. Whyte, I was a proud mother of a 3 month old baby who was sleeping through the night. Unfortunately I wasn't. After about 2 hours of sleep I would would be awoken when I moved by a stabbing pain in my ribs. This pain was followed by a constant ache in almost any position except sitting. When I got out of bed in the morning I would have muscle spasms for about an hour. I had barely slept in months when I decided this was not going to go away on its own! I went to see a Nanaimo registered massage therapist who had helped me with an old injury. He recommended me to Dr. Whyte. I had previously had a fear of Nanaimo chiropractic for some unknown reason so I was slow in following his advice. After a couple more weeks without sleep I was desperate and willing to put my fears aside and give it a try. I think I was expecting someone to be twisting my neck and loud pops and cracks. What happened when I got there was totally different. I was first given a chiropractic consultation and a DVD to explain what the process was. I was given X-Rays to determine the angles which I was out, followed by a chiropractic adjustment that I didn't really feel until after it was over and when I felt was a huge release of tension out of my neck. I had several visits with Dr. Whyte over the next month which always consisted of the original neck adjustment as well as different chiropractic strategies such as massage therapy, stretching and exercises specific to my condition. I was finally getting some sleep.

Not only did Dr. Whyte help me with my back pain he also helped me with chronic neck pain and headaches which I was resigned to live with. I had suffered and injury at birth which had caused me to have headaches 2-4 times a week. I noticed from the very first visit and huge improvement in the tension in my neck. Headaches are now a rarity instead of a common occurrance.

I encourage anyone with back or neck pain to see a Nanaimo chiropractor, especially Dr. Whyte. I was helped more than I thought was possible!

Amber MacLean

I've been a Chiropractor for 25 years and have been adjusted by many Chiropractors. Dr. Barry is awesome! After 1 adjustment, my pelvis was much less twisted and I was headache free. His is a unique integrated approach he has created and earned over time. He combines a "clearing" of the upper neck with a restoration of the mechanics of the low back,hips and pelvis. The results are phenomenal. And he has great staff and a direct, caring approach that never makes me feel hurried, I am very impressed!

Dr. Carl Weber
Honu Family Chiropractic


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