I fell on my tail bone and was in pain for more than a year and decided to see a Chiropractor for treatment. I could barely walk when I had my first visit with Travis. He explained in detail what was happening in my lower back. After my very first session, the pain was almost gone, and after a couple of sessions, my pain was very minimal. Travis is a wonderful Chiropractor and I will see him again in the future if needed. Travis is Professional and gentle Chiropractor. Thank you Travis for fixing me!

Cathy G

This is the best chiropractor in town. He is friendly and very good at his job. The staff at form is incredibly pleasant and very efficient. Travis Shook has helped me get back on my golf game. Thanks so much.

Brittany D

Dr. Shook is wonderful. First visit was a complete check. He explained that my shin pain was actually from my back. Could not sleep on either side due to my hips. I went a couple times a week then longer between as I was doing so well. Highly recommend him as well as the front desk ladies. Always so nice to deal with!

Peter G

Travis Shook helped me greatly after I worked myself to injury at the gym. A few sessions with him and I was back in tip top shape. Would recommend!

Matt L

The results of a couple treatments to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms provoked me to leave a review. Could not find much relief doing physio/stretches. First treatment walked out with more mobility, second treatment a week later walked out nearly perfect, this is going to heal without surgery. Hope this helps others. Barry is excellent.

James W

I met Barry Whyte for chiropractic treatment in Nanaimo when I was at the lowest point in my life. I was suffering a double herniated disc in L4 combined with arthritis in my hips. When I first arrived at his Nanaimo chiropractic office I couldn’t stand straight or walk farther than where my car was parked. Sleeping at night consisted of lying on the floor with my legs on a chair. My career was on hold because I was unable to work more than 15 minutes. My general practitioner was prescribing different drugs that did nothing for me other than add constipation to the list of challenges. The doctor also recommended and scheduled discectomy surgery. Barry saved me. He did this with a logical series of chiropractic treatments combined with a grouping of daily core exercises and calm caring advice. Today I can sit, stand, walk, sleep and work again. I avoided surgery and take no drugs. I continue with the core exercises every day. Words can’t express the thanks and gratitude I feel toward both Barry and the Nanaimo chiropractic staff at Atlas Chiropractic and Body Balance. Thank you all.

Greg H

So glad Dr Whyte and Birgit were recommended. The treatments I have received so far for chiropractic and laser have made a big difference in my back pain.
Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Shauna M

I am a fairly new patient of Atlas Chiropractic and I have found them to be wonderful. Very accommodating and Dr. Barry has multiple techniques to get to the issues. Jackie at the front counter is wonderful as well.

Janet B

Dr. Whyte is professional and has excellent bedside manners. He has worked with me through frozen shoulder and all the issues that come with it with a positive attitude

Catherine S

Best chiropractor I have ever had. Being a new resident of Nanaimo I was delighted to not only find a chiropractor. It was like winning the lottery. Dr. Barry White takes the time to listen to me & fixes me in very few appointments. Beyond Grateful to have found Atlas Chiropractic!

Susan F

I am writing this letter to say how good I feel since seeing Dr. Whyte. I am a woman in my early 70’s and had a pulled muscle in my neck and shoulder. I must say that Dr. Whyte was recommended by a good friend of mine who has seen Dr. Whyte many times and has nothing but good to say about him. I have seen the doctor several times and I feel so much better. Not only is he good at his job, he is a very caring person, and sympathetic to his patients needs. I definitely would recommend Dr. Whyte to any one who needs a good chiropractor.


Doris R

When I first came to see Dr. Whyte, I was a proud mother of a 3 month old baby who was sleeping through the night. Unfortunately I wasn’t. After about 2 hours of sleep I would would be awoken when I moved by a stabbing pain in my ribs. This pain was followed by a constant ache in almost any position except sitting. When I got out of bed in the morning I would have muscle spasms for about an hour. I had barely slept in months when I decided this was not going to go away on its own! I went to see a Nanaimo registered massage therapist who had helped me with an old injury. He recommended me to Dr. Whyte. I had previously had a fear of Nanaimo chiropractic for some unknown reason so I was slow in following his advice. After a couple more weeks without sleep I was desperate and willing to put my fears aside and give it a try. I think I was expecting someone to be twisting my neck and loud pops and cracks. What happened when I got there was totally different. I was first given a chiropractic consultation and a DVD to explain what the process was. I was given X-Rays to determine the angles which I was out, followed by a chiropractic adjustment that I didn’t really feel until after it was over and when I felt was a huge release of tension out of my neck. I had several visits with Dr. Whyte over the next month which always consisted of the original neck adjustment as well as different chiropractic strategies such as massage therapy, stretching and exercises specific to my condition. I was finally getting some sleep.

Not only did Dr. Whyte help me with my back pain he also helped me with chronic neck pain and headaches which I was resigned to live with. I had suffered and injury at birth which had caused me to have headaches 2-4 times a week. I noticed from the very first visit and huge improvement in the tension in my neck. Headaches are now a rarity instead of a common occurrence.

I encourage anyone with back or neck pain to see a Nanaimo chiropractor, especially Dr. Whyte. I was helped more than I thought was possible!

Amber M

Been seeing Barry for a few years, started as preventative then had increased visits after 2 accidents. Always able to be fitted in, always feeling way better after my appointment(s). Never had a bad experience here. No doubts about recommending people come to Barry for chiro. 5+ stars!

Dominic R

I’ve been a Chiropractor for 25 years and have been adjusted by many Chiropractors. Dr. Barry is awesome! After 1 adjustment, my pelvis was much less twisted and I was headache free. His is a unique integrated approach he has created and earned over time. He combines a “clearing” of the upper neck with a restoration of the mechanics of the low back, hips and pelvis. The results are phenomenal. And he has great staff and a direct, caring approach that never makes me feel hurried, I am very impressed!

Dr. Carl W

After developing shingles, while talking to the staff at Atlas I learned that laser therapy could be helpful, as I wanted to decrease my pain and lessens the likely hood of permanent nerve damage I tried a session out for free. The results were amazing. I received six treatments over two weeks, not only was the pain gone but all the other symptoms of my shingles gone as well. Birgit was very gentle and made me feel very relaxed. I definitely recommend those who have developed shingles to try laser therapy right away to help alleviate and shorten the life of this painful virus.

I have been having regular massage appointments with the R.M.T at Atlas Chiropractic and I think she is wonderful. Not only are the hours more flexible for work professionals but her knowledge of massage techniques is vast, she has a great table side manner and I have completely relaxed and after. I would get regular sore neck and upper back and I find that with regular massage with her the bouts of pain are gone, it has also helped dramatically with my tension and stress levels.

Stacey C

It was only at the repeated urging of my then personal trainer 6 years ago that I finally agreed to go see Barry (Dr. Whyte). I’d had nothing but unpleasant experiences with chiropractic appointments before and had never noticed much improvement after those appointments either. But wow! What a difference!

I have nothing but great things to say about the experience and therapeutic effects of my treatments with Barry. He’s made me a believer and I highly recommend his services.

Lisa L

In town visiting, and was delighted to find Atlas Chiropractic. They are very caring, thorough, professional, and friendly. Dr. Barry White seems to have a different, very holistic approach than most chiropractors, and his passion, extensive education and experience is evident in his treatment. He also has as a great sense of humour, and helps people feel at ease. They have hand sanitizer to use before entering, COVID protocols are observed. 5 stars all the way!

Lucette B

I am a professional dancer and figure skater ….now 57! I have been seeing / relying on Dr. Barry Whyte for many years to maintain my longevity …. I very much appreciate the practice that includes Birgit Whyte Rehab Specialist with a global modality sensibility – I have even met with B at the BergKristal wellness retreat in Germany – shorty before i have my two level Cervical disc implant surgery in Stenum Germany . I now have two Canadian trademarks towards a wellbeing/ wellness venture that I has been inspired by Atlas over the years


Always beneficial to return here. Barry is capable and canny in ‘fixing’ what ails. He is able to adjust the parts that others cannot. He brings a thorough knowledge and years of experience with him. I have seen many worldwide and this finely tuned center for body balancing is my go-to whenever I am in the neighborhood. Birgit provides other offerings for injury recovery (laser etc). Thanks again Barry and Birgit for a clean and expertly run center 🙂

Chris H

I injured my neck while snowboarding 10 years ago. After many tests and trying several kinds of treatments (including methods deployed by 4 different Nanaimo chiropractors) I visited Dr. Barry Whyte. Through his chiropractic training, and dedicated approach, he conducted a comprehensive evaluation of my muscles and skeleton. This included detailed measurements and calculations using high resolution X-rays. He was able to properly diagnose my neck problems that had for the most part been previously overlooked. He performed a number of chiropractic rehabilitation treatments and tested results, including using X-rays to measure progress. In short order my health improved considerably. Although I do not feel I may ever be fully recovered from my injury, Barry’s care has made a world of difference to my life.

Barry takes the time to conduct a top-down holistic approach for each visit by conducting detailed testing, releasing muscle tension, making adjustments, testing adjustment results, checking self improvement progress, providing ongoing remedial exercises and demonstrating chiropractic techniques for maximum effectiveness. He is continually working towards self improvement by staying on top of technological advancements and applying new approaches to his Nanaimo chiropractic practice as they evolve.

Barry is a credit to his occupation and I highly recommend him to others who are searching for that professional who puts patient health and well being at the forefront of his chiropractic practice.

Randy D

Travis Shook is absolutely amazing! He was able to get my husband walking after a back injury that put him on the floor. My hubby was also very nervous about chiro but now a huge believer and that's all due to Travis!!

Cheryl M

When looking for a chiropractor I needed somebody who physically cracked me not just manipulate the muscle around. When I found Dr. Shook he did both, which my body likes. I also suffer from migraines and neck pain and Travis has really helped with that relief. I would highly recommend Dr Travis Shook.

Claire A

Barry is an amazing chiropractor. His front office is beautiful and the receptionist is so kind and friendly. Barry takes the time to listen to your concerns, explains what he is going to do, asks what you are feeling and where you need help. I trust his knowledge and skill when I see him work. Because of Barry I don’t have to take pain medication every day anymore. Thank you

Susan B

Went to Travis for sciatica. Only a few sessions and it had disappeared. Previously any other practice I went to the sciatica would come back within a few weeks. I’ve been pain free for almost a year now. Great job!

Kelly S
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